What We Offer

  • Soil evaluation and foundation designs for single and multi-story residential and commercial buildings. On more complex projects (i.e. multi–story cluster development and developments in dolomitic areas) we normally request inputs from an Engineering geologist with appropriate experience.
  • Load bearing brickwork design.
  • Reinforced concrete designs. This includes structural designs for multi-storey buildings, raft foundations etc.
  • Structural steel design – The design of several shopping complexes as well as factories have been undertaken by the firm.
  • Investigation and recommendations regarding structural damage and repairs to buildings. We area registered Engineer’s firm at the National Homebuilders Registration Council (NHBRC) and have in the past done several investigations for them.
  • Design of Civil Services (Water/Sewer/Roads & Storm water) for shopping/residential complexes as well as townships.
  • Design, specification and preparation of digital terrain models for earthworks projects.
  • Design of water retaining structures – concrete, steel as well as earth structures.
  • Acting as principal agent on the construction/building projects.
  • Wayleave
    • A wayleave is an application process to obtain permission to work on Council’s property. This includes engaging with 21 services departments to ensure that all affected services are taken into account when new services are designed.
      How CJG Le Roux can help you with a wayleave:
      • We can assist you with the administration of the wayleave application process on your behalf, to streamline the process and achieving the fastest results.
        Our service will include the following:
        • Traffic accommodation plans for the cross-cuts as well as for construction;
        • Obtaining quotes for cross-cut excavations (if required);
        • One open trench inspection of the cross-cuts;
        • Cross sectional drawings depicting services;
        • Cross-cut report.